Mogas is the leading manufacturer in severe service metal seated ball valves. Severe service applications have both high temperature and high pressure or abrasive or corrosive conditions requiring metal seats.

DUTCH Engineering has been representing Mogas Industries Inc. since 1998 and is currently the UK, Ireland and Benelux representatives for the power industry. Typical power applications include drains for boiler and turbine, vents, steam trap bypass and drum blowdown.

DUTCH Engineering hold a large stock from ½” (DN15) through to 3” (DN80) in A105 carbon steel for feedwater and saturate steam applications as well as chrome moly steels in F22 and F91 for superheated steam applications. Both are suitable for boiler and turbine systems in the power industry.

DUTCH Engineering also represents Mogas in the refining industry for specialty isolation for slurry and hi-temp catalyst and ESD applications for the UK, Ireland and Belgium markets.

Mogas typically supply valves from 1” (DN25) through to 24” (DN600), though bigger sizes can be considered. Materials and trim selection are application dependent.

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Louis Mogas, Founder and Chairman, and Matt Mogas, President & CEO, are pictured with a Mogas 36-inch valve which was designed for use in a slurry application