Dutch Engineering is all about
the quality of the assembly

  • We are able to fully automate our products and conduct in-house testing of the fully assembled packages to ensure full quality control before dispatch, even manually operated valves are cycle tested before dispatch.
  • As an ISO9001 company we have a structured QA/QC process that documents all valves leaving our premises with respect to the detailed checks which we perform in order to ensure the quality of the delivered product(s).
  • We have pneumatic & electric testing capabilities, all electric actuators, where possible, are limit & torque set to suit our products.


What sort of issues have DES Ltd helped to resolve and how?

My issue with efficiency losses through our boiler through drain lines. Mogas ball valves installed in various superheater, economiser and blow down lines. In 2 years this has led to a substantial decrease in make-up water for the boiler – 15t/hr now about 5t/hr. This has also had a knock on effect on chemical usage. It has also made it more viable to switch to towns water from raw water so the ops have been freed up from running the water treatment plant…

Power Plant in Wales

DES have since 2004 offered advice, service and supply of Mogas Ball valves to replace problematic OEM supplied valves that the station was built with, since these replacements we have not had to go back to these valves as they have been completely reliable and fool proof. Where there have been problems with other make ball valves and actuators DES have visited site and found issues with sizing of valves and or actuators and these issues have been corrected.
DES have also given the station a rapid turnaround service for the supply of items and the inspection, overhaul and return to site of items which other wise would affect the stations ability to return to service. DES have also investigated and found issues with the setting up procedures that have been used at site and have issued us with the correct methods for various valve actuator combinations and these have now been embodied in the station procedures…

Power Plant in East Anglia

Why do you as a customer choose DES Ltd?

I value the expertise and experience. I feel able to put trust in advice in areas I’m not an expert in….

Power Plant in Wales

We have had an excellent service from DES over the years and subsequently enjoy a very good relationship in terms of confidence in the product and the service that they offer to us….

Power Plant in East Anglia

Other Services include…

  • DES Ltd conduct onsite Valve Commissioning for many of our customers as well as undertaking onsite installation/application consultancy.
  • DES Ltd personnel have conducted onsite thermal surveys using both infra-red thermometers & thermographic cameras. These surveys included detailed reports of the surveyed valves including recommendations/actions which need to be undertaken.
  • We can conduct pressure testing of our products dependent on customer’s requests, typically, we would Seat Test valve & actuator packages. DES Ltd have also successfully conducted full Shell & Seat tests on used metal seated ball valves installed on a Power Plant which was being decommissioned. These valves were used on another Power Plant within the same group.
  • We use third party welders, Lloyds of London certified, in order to flange some of our valves or to weld reducers depending on the customer requirements.
  • Any welding conducted will be subjected to any Non Destructive Examination requirements the customer has from Dye Pen/Magnetic Particle Inspection through to Radiographic Testing.